About us

The company Fintanis Panagiotis was founded in 1979 by himself after a long-lasting experience in the sector of maintenance and the repair of ships.

In the course of years and with the prossessed accumulation of experience, knowledge to technology but also the investment of important capital in specialized equipment become our strategic objective the extension in the industrial sector , mainly with the application.

Comparative advantages of services that offer the company are the high level of quality work the particularly  competitive prices ,the meticulous observation of timetables and finally the flexibility of correspondence in specialized and exigent work.

We are so much addressed in the Greek market as long in the international market,investing permanetly in modern mechanical equipment and in the most advanced technologies.

Fundamental objective of company is the permanent reduction of time of work, in combination with the reduction of cost of work and the qualitative improvement of work that it undertakes.

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